Nadeem Huq

Managing Director, Berlitz Pakistan

Language is the backbone of human progress, both at home and at the workplace. Berlitz is honored to lead this progress, by innovating how we interact as a country and a people worldwide.

For this, we give close attention to the molding of our instructors. Each instructor is trained in our globally acclaimed and proven Berlitz method, which evolves continuously with the intense research and development we partake in the global community of Berlitz. Alongside language instruction, we provide tools to assess and test our customers’ skills.

Throughout our portfolio, we are driven by our commitment to the quality of our instruction: it testifies to our lasting relationships with customers that we bring them the results we promise.

We began with individual students, and soon grew to instruct teams of employees from major corporations who found our services useful in shaping their careers in an increasingly diverse corporate environment. To better cater to these needs, we began translation services as well.

Today, Berlitz worldwide has evolved from a language center to a global education company, and Berlitz Pakistan has grown with it. We teach our students to become adept at every facet of their daily communication, and our services include leadership and cross-cultural training, as well as people management. Along with training corporations, government officials and executives, Berlitz takes pride in its focus on children and teenagers, shaping them to become better global citizens.

Progress is inevitable, and here at Berlitz we work towards facilitating human progress, scaling all the way from individuals to the global network. With the world rapidly becoming more and more connected, communication is the key to open the doors to the global village, and this is the guiding principle Berlitz Pakistan began with: to help the world communicate.